Stephen Pidgeon ed alcune foto del Festival del Fundraising 2008

Godetevi queste foto allegre del Festival del Fundraising 2008 che ha assemblato Francesco Quistelli

Inoltre ricevo e vi giro i pareri a caldo di Stephen Pidgeon
I have been to many conferences as you know, but never to one that was so full of energy, life and fun. I do congratulate you on taking the risk and being so successful. You must be thrilled. I laughed when I told your wife that people had clapped when you walked away but it was completely deserved. I’ve run conferences and to have such a success, so early on, is amazing.

Of course I loved all your staff. Daniella and I agreed that it was very surprising that ALL you staff are not only female, not only young but also very pretty! We could think of no reason why that might be so!! But they are also really helpful and efficient, so please do thank them all from me!
I felt so incredibly welcomed by you all and I much appreciate that.

I loved doing my sessions, great audiences each time. I really enjoyed the spa, the rooms were very special and so comfortable. I loved meeting your family, that was very kind of you to introduce them all and I thank you specially for the lovely Daniella. Isn’t she the sweetest girl. I didn’t have to think for myself once during my trip – bliss – she just sorted out my life. It made such a difference.

So thank you for your generous hospitality and I look forward to new ways we might work together. We think alike you and I and I really enjoy working with you.

Best wishes to you,



valerio melandri

Autore, consulente, speaker e formatore sul fundraising.
Questo significa che scrivo, consiglio e parlo di fundraising dalla mattina alla sera, aiutando le organizzazioni nonprofit a raccogliere più fondi. Vivo in Italia ma insegno, faccio consulenza, o parlo a convegni anche all’estero.

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